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Books written by or about members of the family
The Ramseys at Swan Pond
The Archaeology and History of an East Tennessee Farm

Faulkner, Charles H.

Professor Emeritus in the Department of Anthropology and Distinguished Professor of Humanities at the University of Tennessee.


Charles H. Faulkner began his archaeological investigations at the Ramsey House in 1985 and concluded his work with his retirement from the University of Tennessee’s Anthropology Department in 2005. During his tenure with the Ramsey House Archaeological Project, Faulkner and his team of scholars and students unearthed the prehistory of Native American occupation at Swan Pond, evidence of extensive early renovations to the Ramsey House and surrounding Swan Pond, and a multitude of ceramics and other artifacts left behind by the Ramsey family and other tenants ranging from the late 1700s to the 1950s. Faulkner’s research in The Ramseys at Swan Pond reveals the material culture and family lifeways of early wealth in East Tennessee and offers insights into the responsibilities Ramsey and his family undertook in order to tame an early American frontier. Faulkner provides the reader a complete overview of the excavations and emphasizes the importance of historic research within the discipline of archaeology. The Ramseys at Swan Pond will be of interest to anyone studying historic archaeology, the early American frontier, or Tennessee history


The book is available from the University of Tennessee, 600 Henley Street, Knoxville, TN 37996-4108 – www.utpres.org  Library of Congress No.: LC 2007027436, Publication Date: 2/15/2008 184 pp., ISBN: 1-57233-609-9, Cloth:  $39.95

 Ramsey of Swan Pond: The Descendants of William Ramsay

Compiled by Fred Ramsey, hardcover, (7"x 10"), 305 pages, published privately, Fidlar Doubleday, 2004.  This book covers the family from the first known American ancestor (the father of Reynolds and Isabella Ramsey) through the Civil War.  Order from Fred Ramsey, 1043 Cardigan Loop NW, Olympia, WA 98502.  Hardcover, $30.00 (includes shipping).  Purchase the softcover edition from Ramsey House Plantation $20
The Family of Reynolds Ramsey Revolutionary Soldier
Compiled by Willie Reeves Hardin Bivins, softcover (8.5"x 11"), 144 pages, published privately in Oklahoma City, 1987.  This work covers the family of Reynolds Ramsey with emphasis on the family of Samuel Graham Ramsey down through the family of 1987.  Order from Ramsey House Plantation $25.00
As Texas As It Gets: The Hill Country Life and Times of Bob Ramsey
Compiled by Bob Ramsey and edited by Mark McDonald.  Bob Kelton writes "Among ranch people of the Texas Hill Country, Bob Ramsey's name is spoken with respect, his knowledge and advice widely sought... He has spent a lifetime studying the haits of the region's birds and animals, learning in fine detail their relationships to each other, the land, the livestock and the people."  The many humorous and interesting stories about Bob's family and his own experiences make this book a must read for anyone who profess to know what this family is made of.  Order from Bob Ramsey, 17802 N. U.S. Highway 83, Hunt, Texas.  Soft cover $23.95 (includes shipping).
More Texas Tales
Author Bob Ramsey published privately, 2001.  The title is self explanatory.  Jack Kinsbury writes: "I don't know anyone who has experienced a wider variety of outdoor activities than Bob Ramsey.  He is an expert at rattling up deer as well as chipping flint to create arrowheads as perfect as those made by Indians."  He, "has traveled extensively, hunted with the rich and famous and has received many awards and honors.  Yet he retains the down-to-earth values of his Texas Hill country background.  He has loved the outdoors since he was a child and s a life-long advocate of wildlife conservation."  Order from Bob Ramsey, 17802 N. U.S. Highway 83, Hunt Texas.  Soft cover $22.95 (includes shipping)

 A Gettys Line: Samuel thru William Onward

Compiled by Mary Louise Gettys Woodruff, spiral bound (8.5"x 11"), 549 pages, published privately in Decatur, Texas in 2001.  This work covers the family of Isabella Ramsey who married Samuel Gettys.  Their son established Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  Order from Mary Louise Woodruff, P.O. Box 515, Decatur, TX 76234.  Spiral bound $55.00.
Dr. J. G. M. Ramsey, Autobiography and Letters 
Born in 1796, James Gettys McGready Ramsey was a man of broad talents who left a permanent imprint on Tennessee. He was a physician, public servant, religious leader, banker, railroad advocate, and tireless scholar of early Tennessee history. A states-rights Democrat, he enthusiastically supported secession in 1861 and later served the Confederacy as a treasury agent and field surgeon. But East Tennessee was deeply divided over the war, and many in his native Knoxville vilified Ramsey for his secessionist stance. He fled Tennessee in 1863, living in virtual exile in Georgia and North Carolina before returning to Knoxville in 1872.  You will enjoy this book.  Order through the University of Tennessee Press.

 "Anne Hetrick Kennedy", Love Stories of World War II

Compiled by Larry King, Three Rivers Press, New York, Random House, 2001.  This is a book of love stories but one of them is about the love between Frank Ramsey Kennedy, Jr. and Anne Hetrick during WWII.  Order from any bookseller in large print.  Hardcover and audio $25.00, soft cover about $14.00