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There are three membership types in our association.  Join Here

Regular membership is for descendants of William Ramsay.

Associate membership is for friends of the family or those interested in achieving the same goals as the family.

Honorary membership is for friends of the family or those interested in achieving the same goals set forth in our statement of purpose. 


Interested parties: Find out more about your family history; we can help you research the connection between us.  Receive a report showing the results of our research on archival paper suitable for framing.

Family members who choose not to join our association or donate funds remain in our address files and are notified of upcoming reunions in time to plan ahead.  They also have access to our website www.ramseyfamilyspa.org . 

Family members and friends who make a donation of their choice will receive our our outstanding newsletter filled with family and genealogical news.

In addition to receiving all of the above, family members who join the Swan Pond Association are added to our email list for immediate notification of family news and are given an Association code that allows them access to the members only section of our website www.ramseyfamilyspa.org/ .

Dues: Association membership is $35 per year.  Donations of your choice are also accepted.

Click here for a membership form.  You will need adobe acrobat reader to print the form.   

Mutual Responssibilities:  Whatever your degree of involvement with our family association is, please please make note of our mutual responsibilities.
  • The Association will not sell your identity nor any information you provide, for commercial purposes, excepting publications of the Association, and will make reasonable efforts to prevent such sale by others.  You may not sell, rent or sub-license information of the Association.
  • You agree to allow the Association to compile, edit, reproduce, publish and distribute information you contribute, to the Association, and to sell publications containing such information.
  • You will not contribute information which infringes upon any copyright of another, or is profane, or defames or invades the privacy of another.
  • The Association may communicate with you and may give your name, address and email to other members or persons seeking genealogical information who wish to communicate with you.
  • You will make reasonable efforts to document information you provide, and to cooperate with other members in matters of mutual interest.
  • No one is entitled to remuneration or compensation for information contributed.