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Swan Pond Association
The name of this Society shall be the Swan Pond Association, hereafter called the association.
Purpose and Objectives
The purpose of this association is to perpetuate the memory of our ancestors; to honor their part in establishing this nation; to unite and promote fellowship among their descendants; to encourage historical research; to acquire and preserve the records of our ancestors and to form a bond with and help support the historical sites and events related to our family.
The objectives of this Association are patriotic, historical, educational, and social. We shall endeavor to pass on to our descendants the knowledge of the part their family played in the history of America and to inspire them with a more profound reverence for the principles of the government founded by our ancestors.
(Amended 04/01/2005)
The Executive Board shall rule on all membership issues. Membership in the Swan Pond Association is divided into three classes:
(1)  Regular Membership – A person shall be eligible for membership in the Association who, being eighteen years of age and agreeing to support the goals and objectives of this association, is the lineal descendant of William Ramsay, the earliest proven ancestor in our line to have lived in America. Regular members shall pay dues and vote.
(2)  Associate Membership - A spouse of a Regular Member in good standing may be received as an Associate Member.  Associate Members are not eligible for membership under their own right. Associate members will pay dues and have all the rights and privileges of regular members except they shall not receive the certificate of a lineal member or vote.
(3) Honorary Membership – An honorary member is one who has performed a significant honorable deed to achieve this title. An honorary membership may be given in recognition of those who have provided an unusually high degree of support to the family research or projects . An honorary member has all the privileges and benefits of regular members except they do not receive the lineal descendant certificate, pay dues or vote. An honorary membership is conferred only upon the individual selected and not to the individual’s family.
SECTION A. Officers: The officers of the Association shall be the President; First Vice President; Second Vice President; Secretary, Treasurer; Genealogist; Historian; and Chaplain. The term of office for all officers shall be four calendar years. Officers shall serve without compensation. The Board can reimburse officers for incidental expenses incurred in the conduct of their office. The Board must approve any paid expense.
SECTION B. The Board: Shall consist of all Association elected officers and the At Large Member(s). Only elected officers are voting members of the Board. All members are welcome to attend Board meetings.    
SECTION C. Elections: The Association officers shall be elected by a plurality of votes of Association members in good standing, who are 18 years or older. The election shall be by mail ballot as outlined in the Association By-laws.
SECTION A. The association will host a family reunion once every four years at Swan Pond, currently called Ramsey House Plantation, near Knoxville, Tennessee. The reunion committee will select the date of the reunion in concert with the Ramsey House Plantation. In connection with the reunion the association will hold a general membership meeting every four years for the installation of officers and discussion of business matters.
SECTION B. The Board will hold a meeting at least annually to discuss business matters and authorize expenditures. Such meetings may be held via teleconferencing or other methods that ensure participation by a quorum of the board. Every four years the board will meet in conjunction with the family reunion. Special board meetings may be called as necessary by the president, or when directed by a plurality of the association board members. The secretary will notify association board members of all meetings.
Amendments to the constitution will be endorsed by a majority vote of the board and approved by a majority vote of the association membership in good standing. Any association member may submit an amendment. Amendments will be submitted in writing to the Secretary who will provide each board member with a copy of the proposed change prior to the date of the next meeting. After a quorum of the board has endorsed the amendment, it will be submitted to the general membership for approval of the majority. Time sensitive materials may be handled through the mail or by newsletter.
Dispensation of Rules
The board shall be allowed to dispense with these rules during the initial two years of structuring the association. Any dispensation must ultimately be approved by the membership.