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Ramsey Family Swan Pond Association
Section A. All applications will be submitted to the Association Genealogist for approval.  The applicant will set forth his ancestral lineage back to William Ramsay. The applicant must furnish proof of each generation. Approved duplicate copy applications from the Sons or Daughters of the American Revolution are acceptable documentation. All members will be subject to the same requirements (attached).
Section B. A genealogist from the applicant’s line will review and endorse the applicant’s membership forms when possible. The application will be forwarded, with current dues, to the Association Genealogist. The association Board will rule on membership issues.
Section C. Each new member will receive an ancestral report. The president and the secretary shall duly  attest to each report.
The Association Board shall have the authority to either suspend or expel any member of the association for actions they deem detrimental to the Association. Subject member shall be given a two weeks notice in writing of the proposed action by the Board. The member has a right to appeal the Board's action under the deadline so stated with the notice. A quorum of the Board will make the final decision to carry out their proposed action, or to accept the appeal by the member.
Section A. At least one year before each reunion, the president will appoint three association members in good standing to serve on a nominating committee. The president will appoint the chair of the committee. The committee will prepare a list of qualified candidates for each association officer position. The committee will submit the list to the secretary at least three months prior to the next annual reunion.
Section B. The Association Secretary will ensure an election ballot is mailed to each member in good standing in the association. The Board shall approve the ballot format. Each member shall return a signed ballot or identify his or her vote via e-mail to the Secretary. The secretary shall count the ballots and verify the election. The secretary will keep ballots for a period of four years. Ballots are available to any member in good standing who wishes to see them.
Board Meetings
Section A. The Association Board will meet as outlined in Article V of the Constitution.
Section B. The Association President will chair all meetings of the Board. In the absence of the president, the first Vice President will preside. 
Section C. A quorum is considered a simple majority of the voting members of the Board.
Fees and Dues
Section A. The association Board shall establish the application fees for membership and annual dues. Any fees and dues so designated must accompany the application for membership. Only a majority vote of the membership present at the association meeting held once every four years at Swan Pond can change the fees and dues structure. 
Section B. A member who has been inactivated because of non-payment of dues, may become an active member by the submitting his dues to the association treasurer.
Section C. The secretary will send out a notice of dues each year in October. Members are responsible to pay their dues to the treasurer by 31 December of each year. 
Section D. The Board will use funds collected from dues to finance association operations and reunions, and other projects adopted by the board and approved by the membership.
Duties of the Officers
Section A. The President, will chair all meetings of the Board. The president shall appoint the members of the nominating committee and other special committees created by Board action. The president shall appoint auditors from time to time, who will audit the financial records.
Section B. First Vice President shall act in the absence of the President and assist the president to accomplish the business of the association. The vice president will perform other duties related to the office.
Section C. Second Vice President is the liaison to Ramsey House Plantation. The second vice president shall also act as the constitution and by-laws advisor and assist the president to accomplish the business of the association.
Section D. The Secretary shall conduct the general correspondence of the association and keep correspondence files. The secretary will keep rosters of active, inactive, and deceased members. The secretary will publish a current member roster in January of each year that is available to the membership on request. The roster will contain the member name, name of spouse, address, telephone number, and e-mail. The secretary will prepare and mail and election ballot approved by the executive committee via regular or e-mail to each member in good standing listing. The ballot will present the recommendation of the nominating committee for the coming four-year period. The secretary shall keep election records for a period of four years. Records will be available for review by the Board or any member in good standing. Working closely with the president, the secretary will prepare Board agendas and keep minutes of Board meetings which will be reported to members via newsletter. The secretary shall, under the direction of the President, give due notice to all elected officers of official information affecting them or pertaining to their respective duties. The Secretary will mail a notice of dues to all members each year in October.  The secretary shall notify the newsletter editor of new members. The secretary shall prepare a four-year budget request for the office of secretary. The secretary shall work to accomplish the secretarial duties required by decisions of the Board.
Section E. The Treasurer shall receive all fees and dues, and shall have the care and custody of all funds and securities of the Association. Deposits will be in a financial institution approved by the association Board. The signature card of the institution shall have the signature of the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. The Treasurer has authorization to sign checks in behalf of the Association according to a budget approved by the executive committee. The Board will give approval for expenditures outside the budget. The Treasurer will maintain an accurate account of all receipts and disbursements. The treasurer will submit his account to the Board for audit upon request. The treasurer will provide the secretary with a list of paid members in January of each year.  The Treasurer shall work to accomplish the Treasurer duties required by policy decisions of the Board
Section F. The Association Genealogist shall oversee, review and approve all applications prepared by other family genealogists and family members. The Association Genealogist is also responsible to mail out a certified ancestral report to each new member. The Association Genealogist may assist other family genealogists and family members to complete their applications properly. The Association Genealogist shall keep the membership applications of the association in an alphabetical file. The Association Genealogist shall keep an updated database of all approved members and ancestors. The Association Genealogist shall prepare a budget request for supplies.  The Association Genealogist shall work to accomplish the Genealogist duties required by policy decisions of the Board
Section GThe Historian shall keep a record of all commemorative events and happenings of historical interest to the association. The historian is the custodian of historical association records and correspondence. The Historian shall work to accomplish the Historian duties required by policy decisions of the Board.
Section H. The Chaplain will pray for us all and provide spiritual guidance in our decisions. The chaplain may perform the invocation and benediction at the association Board meetings. The chaplain is a member of the association Board. The chaplain will perform such other duties that are normally associated with his/her office. The Chaplain may assign an Associate Chaplain who shall act in the absence of The Chaplain.
Amendments to these bylaws are explained in Article VI of the Association Constitution.